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Decades of Experience
Established in 1971
ARDL Special Research

ARDL has performed a significant number of special, multiple year research projects for customers from both industry and the government.

Most recently that work has involved operation of controlled environmental chambers and performing experiments with ELISA and DNA.

Controlled Environments

Five controlled environmental chambers are installed in the laboratory. Two are standard FRP27E floor mounted Blue M units. The others are a bench top glove box and two 12’ x 12’ walk-in units, all three of which have ample room for installing special apparatus, jigs or fixtures which might be required for experimentation.
Weather conditions in any worldwide locale excepting the frigid extremes typical of the polar areas and high alpine sites can be simulated in these units. Each unit is equipped with dedicated software system which can be programmed to emulate seasonal as well as day-night variations in weather or hold conditions static for the duration of a test period. The system can also trigger time- and/or environment-related events within the chambers.


Standard heterogenous and homogenous ELISA procedures were adopted for use in tracing the persistence of the immunochemical activity of biological materials in water and in soils which were exposed to fixed and cyclical environmental conditions. Samples were evaluated on 96 well plates using horseradish peroxidase as a reporter. The acquired data were employed to predict the probable magnitude and duration of hazard associated with disposal of the materials by various routes


Various biological materials were spiked into water and soil preparations and exposed to fixed and cyclical environmental conditions. The persistence of the materials was tracked by evaluation of DNA signatures. Standard probes and ABI TAQMAN reagents were employed. PCR and characterization of the results obtained was performed using an ABI 7700 instrument system.

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